Google Docs is an online Word Processor there you make and organize documents and perform different activities with other people. So, you can read other article on getintopc like that .

How to Delete a Page in Google Docs

How to Use Google Docs

1. For making a new document:
  • At, open the Docs Home Screen on Computer
  • At the top left, Under “Start a New Document”, Press Blank +. You can make a new document from URL
2. Edit and Organize:
  • Open your Documents in Google Docs on your PC
  • For choose a word, Double – Press it or use your cursor to Choose the words written you want to change
  • Begin your Editing
  • For Undo or Redo any action, on the top, Press Undo or Redo
3. Work with Other People:
  • You may share many Folders and Files with other people and they can view, edit or comment on those Files and Folders

Is Google Docs Secure or Not?

When people upload files to Google Drive, files are stored in Safe Data Centers. You can access you Phone or Computer from other Devices if your Phone lost or Broken. Unless, you Share your files, these files will be Private.

How to Delete a Page in Google

The most simple and easy way to Delete a Page in Google Docs is to use your Back Space or Delete Key to remove all the Content from Page.

Delete a Page in Google Docs with Some different Ways:

If you have spent most of your working time on important documents, it doesn’t matter, what it is for, you want it to looks as Perfect as it can. Most of this comes down to formatting.

  1. Pull your cursor through the extra page and into the bottom of the page behind it and Click Back Space/ Enter.
  2. Put your cursor instantly after the Blank Space, then hit the Back Space or Delete button Unless it disappears.
  3. You will need to open the “Page Setup” menu for edit your margins.