Adding text boxes

How to insert text box in google docs
  1. Press Insert, and then choose Drawing from the drop-down menu. The Drawing dialog box appeared.
  2. Press the Text Box command.
  3. Press and drag in the drawing area to make the Text Box.
  4. Leave the mouse, and a Text Box will appear. …
  5. Once you are satisfied, press Save & Close.

Add Text Box to an Image:

  1. Paste or upload the image into your document.
  2. Press on the image to choose it.
  3. Fix the transparency by going to Image options, then Transparency and moving the slider as needed.
  4. Copy the image by pressing on it and click Ctrl/Cmd + C.
  5. Navigate to insert Drawing.
  6. Paste the image in the Drawing application.
  7. Choose the Text tool and drag the Text Box to wherever you want it over the image, resizing it as necessary.
  8. Write in the text you want to add, use with the font of your choice.
  9. Choose the blue Save & Close button.

How to Add a Text Box?

  1. Navigate Insert and select Text Box.
  2. Select in your file where you had like to insert the Text Box, press your mouse button, and then drag to draw the Text Box the size that you want.
  3. After you have drawn the text box press inside it for add text.

When you are not using a mouse:

  1. Click and release ALT, N, then press X.
  2. Click the arrow keys to choose the Text Box whick you want, and then click ENTER.
  3. Write the text that you wish.
  4. If you are finished typing and want to go back to editing text in your document, click ESC.

Using with these methods, you can insert a Text Box in Google Docs.