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Thank you for choosing, and taking the time to provide any concerns or abuses you’ve noticed while using our website. We take user feedback seriously, and strive to create a safe environment for our users. Please follow these guidelines when reporting issues:

Report Infringing Content:

  1. If you believe any software, files, or other content available through infringes upon your copyright or violates intellectual property rights, please provide us with the following details.
  2. Provide your full name and contact info (email, phone number or postal address). Describe what material is being copied without consent. Add any relevant URLs/locations where this content can be found on
  3. Sufficient evidence to establish ownership of the copyrighted material.
  4. eA statement attesting that your use is not approved by either its rightful owner, its agent, or by law.

Send all relevant details via email, and we will promptly investigate and take appropriate actions if required.

Report Malicious Software or Content:

  1. If you discover any software or files on that appear malicious or potentially dangerous in any way, please provide us with as much detail as possible:
  2. Please provide us with: a) Your full name and contact details (such as an email address, phone number or postal address); b) A detailed account of any malicious software or content found; and c) Where exactly on it was discovered.
  3. Any supporting evidence.

Please email this information directly, We prioritize user safety and will investigate such reports promptly.

Reporting Other Abuses:

If you notice any other forms of abuse such as offensive or inappropriate content, misleading information, or violations to our terms of service, please provide us with the following details:

Please include: (a) Your full name and contact information (email, phone number or postal address); (b) Details about any form of abuse or violation you witnessed on; and (c) Where exactly it happened (URL or location on whilst (d) Any additional evidence supporting your report.

Please send this information by emailing [email protected] We greatly appreciate your efforts in helping us maintain the integrity of our website.

Note: Please ensure all information provided by you is accurate and complete. While we will treat your report with complete discretion, anonymous reports may hinder our ability to address an issue effectively. appreciates your efforts in making our users’ experience safe and secure when downloading software and sharing. Thank you for helping to maintain a safe platform for software sharing.