Computer often Slow down because so many programs running at the same instant, takes processing power and reduce computers performance. Press the CPU, Memory and Disk headers to sort the programs which are running on computer by how much of computers resources they are taking

Why is My Computer So Slow

Why the Computer Slow down…

A Slow Computer can makes even simple things feels like difficult work. Operating system is manage the resources of Computer like memory, drive space and processing power, between all the programs running on it. There are large number of things that can be reduce your Computer speed/performance.

Here are some of things that makes your Computer Slow

  • Running out of RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • So many background programs
  • So many Start Up programs
  • Viruses
  • Visual Features or Special Effects
  • Old, fragmented Hard Drive
  • Running out of Space
  • Falling back on Window and drive updates

First, you need to find out what is Slowing Down the Computer

Window has a Built-in diagnostic tool which is called Performance Monitor. It can Overview your Computers activity through log file. You can use its reporting feature to check what is causing your Computer Slow down.

How Can You Boost Up the Speed of Your Computer

  • Delete unimportant programs from your Computer
  • Uninstall temporary files
  • A Solid State Drive should be Installed
  • Stop unimportant Start Ups
  • Get more RAM
  • Run a Disk Cleaner
  • Clean out the Dust


When you purchase a new Computer, the chances are there are a lot of programs already installed in it. Old Computer can simply add these over time. Most of these files, you never use and these files can often run in background without you knowing and slowing you PC down. So, you have to delete temporary files and install a Solid State Drive.